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The Big Run Park Community Park was originally established in 1960 with the prospect of making dams in the Big Run Creek to hold fish and making a picnic area. The dams would be started as far up as the Coulter property and extend down the creek to the bridge on the Township Road. The plans were to put in fifteen (15) gabion dams.

William Strange from Morrisdale and a representative from the Clearfield Conservation Office was looking for a place to start a recreation area. At the time, Harry Evans was Graham Township Supervisor and he was contacted by Mr. Strange. The property owners, Mr. and Mr. Samuel Curley, Foster Coulter, and Mr. and Mrs. William Smeal, were contacted and gave approval to use their property.

The fourteen acres of property were cleared by Clearfield County Youth Corp., the local 4-H club and many local residents donated their time to make the park a success. The local residents that helped with the initial work in the park were Harry Evans, Lee Evans, Whitney Evans, Harry Lytle, Mr. Buck, Fred Snedden, Roxie Curley, Bernice Hurley, Pete Hubler, Melvin Pase and Floyd Hubler.

Mr. and Mr. Samuel Curley gave permission to include an existing spring. Leland "Pete" Hubler donated his bulldozer to remove the large rock and dig out the spring. The words,"Property donated by Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Curley" were carved on the rock by Lee Evans with a hammer and chisel and the rock was set up near the spring.

Mr. and Mrs. William Smeal gave permission to repair the existing road and also the use of the property.

After the road was repaired and the brush cut, the dams were started and a pavilion was built on the Curley property. The trees that were cut were used to build the pavilion.

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In 1969, a lease was drawn up and signed by Mrs. Roxie Curly and Mr. and Mrs. William Smeal. The lease gave permission to use the property and when it was no longer in use, it would revert back to the property owners.

A large bridge was built over the creek; the dams were finished and stocked with fish. Picnic tables were built and a water line was run under the road where water could be obtained for use at the pavilion.

In 1979, the Community Action Office in Clearfield was contacted to see if the park qualified to receive playground equipment and picnic tables. In order to qualify for this program, the property would have to be deeded or leased to the Township Supervisors for a period of five (5) years. At that time, the supervisors were Theodore Pelton, Reuben Harris and Reese Williams, who all agreed. A deed was drawn up and signed by Mrs. Carrie Smeal for the property. It was agreed that the name of the park would be "BIG RUN COMMUNITY PARK". This was the name that was originally used and the sign was made by Harry Evans.

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The next project was obtaining a permit for restrooms. A permit was obtained according to state specification. Floyd Hubler donated his bulldozer to dig for the tank and he also donated the lumber. Melvin Pase built the restroom as well as most of the carpentry work in the park.

A new pavilion was built in 1981. The lumber was donated from the area saw mills. In 1984, the kitchen and storeroom were built onto the pavilion.

Electricity was installed in 1985. In the meantime, more picnic tables were needed and were built by Tom Jordan. Most of the materials were donated.

A larger parking lot was needed. Charlie Bumbarger cleared a place for more parking on the Smeal property.

In 2000, a waterline was installed to the pavilion.

In 2007, a grant form DCNR was approved for the park. The grant has contributed greatly to additional improvements to the park, including making it handicapped friendly.

In 2009, the grant project is still underway; however, the park is available for events. Reservations for events can be scheduled by calling Thelma Pase 814-345-5989.

  • Melvin Smeal, President, Treasurer 814-345-6036
  • Michele Hubler, Secretary
  • Thelma Pase, Reservation Coordinator 814-345-5989